Hi there. I’m Mary, a writer who is not entirely unlike a well-adjusted human being. I write stories about imaginary things and nonfiction about the things we imagine. On this blog, that usually includes stuff like:

  • Philosophy and psychology (as they relate to mental health)
  • Naturalistic spirituality (i.e. non-supernatural woo-woo)
  • Ritual as a way of engaging with and tending to the psyche (I read tarot, mostly)

Some quick facts about me:

  • 33 / queer / breast cancer survivor
  • In addition to smithing words, I run a green housekeeping business.
  • I bought my first tarot deck in secret at fourteen; it’s still my go-to deck.
  • My current home is in Minnesota, but I grew up in a river valley in Tennessee. My accent is usually set to stealth mode (though I do say “y’all”).
  • I’m more or less continually drinking a cup of tea (with milk, no sugar).

My work has appeared in Luna Luna, The Underbelly, Little Red Tarot, and elsewhere. Check out the Workings in the Wild category for links.