Hi there. I’m Mary, a writer who is not entirely unlike a well-adjusted human being. I write fiction about imaginary things and nonfiction about the ways we imagine. On this blog, that usually includes stuff like:

  • Philosophy and psychology (as they relate to mental health)
  • Naturalistic spirituality (i.e. non-supernatural woo-woo)
  • Ritual as a way of engaging with and tending to the psyche (I read tarot, mostly)

Some quick facts about me:

  • 34 / queer / breast cancer survivor
  • In addition to smithing words, I run a green housekeeping business.
  • I bought my first tarot deck in secret at fourteen; it’s still my go-to deck.
  • My current home is in Minnesota, but I grew up in a river valley in Tennessee. My accent is usually set to stealth mode (though I do say “y’all”).
  • I’m more or less continually drinking a cup of tea (with milk, no sugar).

My work has appeared in/at Luna Luna, The Underbelly, Little Red Tarot, Humanistic Paganism, and elsewhere. Check out the Workings in the Wild category for links.