Hi there. I’m Mary, just your average radical agnostic queer pantheistic animist pagan. I’ve been reading tarot cards since the nineties, studying psycho-spiritual miscellany since the noughties, and practicing naturalistic paganism for about six years. I’m also a fiction and essay writer; my work has appeared in/at Luna Luna Magazine, The Underbelly, Little Red Tarot, Humanistic Paganism, and elsewhere. Check out the Workings in the Wild category for links.

Some quick facts:

  • 36 / queer / breast cancer survivor
  • I’m a freelance book editor; my online business home is bibliomancerediting.com.
  • I bought my first tarot deck in secret at age fourteen; it’s still my go-to deck.
  • My current home is in Minnesota, on the traditional territory of the Anishinaabe and Dakota peoples. But I grew up in a river valley in Tennessee, territory of the Cherokee and the Yuchi. My Southern accent is usually set to stealth mode (though I do say “y’all”).
  • I’m more or less continually drinking a cup of tea, which is almost never at exactly the right temperature.